1. Personal Injuries Litigation – Family Physician’s Guide

  1. The critical role of the family physician
  2. Timely Access to Patient Services – How the lawyer can help.
  3. Providing Expert reports – How the family physician can help.
  4. Being called to court – What to Expect.
  5. Effectively working with your patient’s lawyer.

2. Motor Vehicle Accidents – Making sense of Insurance Law – The Family Physician’s Guide

  1. Statutory Accident Benefits for Motor Vehicle accidents
  2. Understanding the Basics of Benefits
  3. Cutting through the red tape – Benefits forms (annotated)
  4. September 2010 – Changes to the law that impact on your patient.
  5. Understanding the impact of the Minor Injury Guideline “MIG”
  6. How to access Non OHIP funded treatment

3. Recovering Costs

  1. Production of clinical notes and records
  2. Guide to fees

4. ODSP / CPP Disability 101

  1. The Physicians Role
  2. Forms (annotated)

5. RDSPs – Financial Future for Disabled clients

  1. The Physicians role
  2. Forms (annotated)

6. Important references, links and contact information

  1. Medical-Legal-Reports” – a PowerPoint presentation on Medical/Legal reports
  2. CAPDA Presentation” – Assessment of Disability under Automobile Insurance

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