Motor Vehicle Collisions

Motor Vehicle Collisions are the source of the most complex legal issues in Ontario.

Not only is the injured and their family the victim of trauma or death, they are victimized by a system that is overly complex, difficult, if not impossible for the layman to navigate, and heavily weighted in favour of the “at fault” driver and the insurance company.

To make matters worse you are victimized by severe restrictions on when you can sue, for how much you can claim and you may be subject to a significant “deductible.”

All hope is not lost.

To help you navigate through this system, we have developed expertise in insurance law that will eliminate the complexity of the system. While we can try, we cannot always change the law. What we can always do is vigorously pursue your claim to ensure that you are not further victimized by the insurance industry and the system.

By hiring a law firm that is respected by the insurance companies , the courts and by other lawyers, that knows that when push comes to shove the firm is prepared to take the case to court, and that has a reputation not only for experience and civility but tenacity, you may avoid the frustrations that are almost unavoidable otherwise.

The vast majority of people cannot cope in the system alone. Even with relatively simple claims. You need proper legal representation and you need a lawyer.

As Hamilton’s premier personal injury law firm, we are here to help.

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